Our goal is to promote global competence through global communication and the use of higher order thinking skills needed to live and work in the 21st century. Using skills such as creating, analyzing, understanding and applying will enable our students to think critically and solve problems on a global scale. #SIGlobal seeks to support educators by building on their existing practices and providing them with the resources necessary to teach, continue to learn and implement global competence.

The main purpose of global competence is to create students who are able to function at a high level in a diverse and rapidly changing world. Educational institutions are tasked with preparing students for the future by providing them with opportunities to understand different cultures and different perspectives, while engaging in critical thinking, innovation, and analyzing. Teachers are challenged with delivering instruction that encourages global citizenship, provides resources for multi-cultural awareness, and utilizes strategies so all students will succeed in our global society. Students will now need to have knowledge and understanding of world history, political systems and global events other than those occurring in their home countries. In addition, students will need to be proficient in more than one language to help in the understanding of other people and their cultures. In this rapidly changing world, these skills are becoming increasingly important, since global challenges are becoming more common and complex, and it is our responsibility as educators to ensure our students are able to compete at a high level on a global scale.

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