If you are a district, administrator or teacher looking to facilitate a globally competent classroom, consider the following collaboration tools/programs.

Web Based Tools
Twitter: Creating a classroom Twitter account is a simple way to connect directly with public figures and/or classrooms around the world. This is a fantastic method of getting direct responses or feedback for your class.

Twitter Accounts worth following

Facebook: Similar to Twitter, Facebook is an awesome opportunity to connect with those abroad. Simply create a closed group for your class and another class so students can engage in discussion in private settings. Discussions can be project based or topics that they choose.

Mystery Skype: Once you have your classroom Twitter all set up, follow the #mysteryskype hashtag. Teachers from around the world who are looking to connect will also be using that hashtag. Mystery Skype suggests you play a game of 20 questions to discover where the other classroom is located.

Appear.In: When your class and another (or more) have established an online relationship, you can take it to the next level by arranging for the two global classrooms to virtually meet. Appear.in allows up to eight user to chat at once through your chatrooms access link.

Google Hangout: This tool is very similar to Mystery Skype but additionally has fun sounds and animations. Google Hangout can host multiple classrooms at once and those hangouts can be archived in youtube so absent students do not have to miss out!

One Globe Kids: This is a unique website (and can be downloaded as an app) makes global learning a personal experience by providing the opportunity for students to make connections peers around the world. They can listen to personal stories and teachers can even connect to a specific classroom across the globe.

Earthviewer: Your students can see how our Earth has changed over the last 4.5 billion years. This free, interactive and engaging app is great for showing how our continents and oceans came to be.
StoryKit: Let your students tell their story with this free app that incorporates personal photos and text. This app created by the International Children's Digital Library is perfect for sharing books via e-mail.
Flat Stanley: Students can track Flat Stanley and Flat Stella's journey across the globe! This #1 New and Noteworthy app provides students with the opportunity to create their very own Flat character who shares photos and stories on the network.
Global Sleepover: This free app has activities, games and bedtime stories from around the world.
iTranslate: Translate English to over 50 languages with this free app. Certain languages come with the text-to-speech feature and voice recognition.
DuoLingo: This free app provides lesson sequences for learning languages. Both written and verbal lessons are included. Languages included: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish.
Google Earth: Virtually fly around the world with the swipe of your finger.
Geo Walk HD: 3D World Fact Book: Navigate the world with this free app by clicking on or searching areas of interest. Images and information are provided about plants, people, animals, places or events.